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Privacy policy

As a pharmaceutical company, Actavis has ethical and legal responsibilities to collect and retain information on any potential adverse effects to our products. The safety information gathered is a vital addition to understanding the safety profile of our products for the protection of public health. In view of this, user-generated information deemed to be an adverse event or product complaint will be collected by the Actavis Group in order to meet legal obligations. Actavis may follow-up directly with the individual who generated the adverse event or product complaint information in order to gain more information.

The Actavis Group respects the privacy of the visitors to this website.The information that is gathered by the Actavis Group during the use of this website will only be used for the purposes as indicated and with applicable law. The Actavis Group will not give any information to third parties without the explicit permission of the visitor. Furthermore, the Actavis Group strives to secure visitor information in such a manner that third parties cannot access this information. While great care is taken to prevent third party access, the Actavis Group cannot be held responsible if information is obtained illegally by third parties.

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